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Equipment Needed
The following is equipment that you will need.
Learning and studying at home is very easy and convenient today with live, online tutoring. You need certain technological equipment if you wish to have the best possible sound quality.

  • A high speed internet connection

  • A headset with a built-in microphone

  • A webcam

  • A pen or pencil and notebook

  • Installation of Google Hangouts or Skype​​

Hangouts ID:

Skype ID: jean.luc.balland1​


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Useful Links​​​ (For learning other languages too!)

So now that you are settled and ready, there are two more things you need. Motivation and persistance. Every time you have a chance to listen, read, or practice French, do it! Make sure to focus on it, even if you can not speak or understand it very well. As you are learning and improving, it will gradually become clearer. Simply take your time. After all, practice makes perfect!